Student Life

Student Life

The students and faculties of GSC, located on the Sagamihara Campus, are ready to support international students. You can also meet English-speaking staff at the Student Center. So if you need help, please stop by. You will find GSC’s major support resources for international students at the center, which should help you get off to a smooth start for your life in Japan.

Student Life


Advisers and Tutors

International students are assigned a faculty adviser and a student tutor. Tutors(student buddies) can help the students with course registration, adjusting to life in Japan, Japanese-speaking practice, etc. The Japanese students who volunteer for the tutor program are very interested in other cultures and in developing international friendships.

Airport Pick-Up Service

This is a shuttle bus service available at Narita Airport provided by AGU for international students moving into accommodation near the Sagamihara Campus. The bus leaves the airport and goes directly to the campus. Please note, however, you might need to wait for several hours depending on the time your flight is arriving.


We help international students find accommodation as convenient and close to our campus as possible. Below are some examples of housing we have introduced previously. Please note that they may not have availability when you apply.

AGU I-House Sagamihara

AGU I-House Sagamihara is a coed dormitory few steps from the Sagamihara campus with a separate floor for females only. It currently houses the majority of international students attending the Sagamihara campus and is great for researchers and students attending this campus with great opportunities to interact with fellow Japanese students.

AGU I-House Sagamihara (Japanese)
Global Residence Sagamihara:TOKYO SHAREHOUSE (English)

Campus Facilities

  • Library


    AGU's libraries house a total of 2.2 million books. Basic services such as reserving books and extending return dates can be handled online.

  • Student Health Clinics

    Student Health Clinics

    Students have access to Student Health Clinics that provide regular health checks for early diagnosis and prevention of illness as well as emergency treatment, medical testings, and health research.

  • Internet Access

    Internet Access

    Wi-Fi Internet access is available for students throughout the campus.

  • Bookshop


    Students can get most things they need for university life at our bookshop. Textbooks, school supplies, and computers, as well as regular books, magazines, and electronic appliances are available at student prices.

  • Cafeteria


    The student dining hall offers an extensive and inexpensive menu as well as space where students can enjoy takeaway dishes. There is also a convenience store and a large student lounge.

  • Gym-fitness Center

    Gym-Fitness Center

    The Fitness Center has various training equipment and shower rooms. It is open to all students at student prices. The fitness center also offers unique training programs such as Yoga, Boxercise, group running, and others.

Living Cost

The following shows estimated living costs of attending AGU as an exchange student for one semester (five months). Actual expenses vary depending on the type of housing and the student’s lifestyle.

Room & board (if not waived) ¥300,000 - ¥500,000
Food (lunch, etc.) ¥100,000 - ¥200,000
Books and materials ¥30,000 - ¥40,000
Transportation ¥10,000 - ¥20,000
Extracurricular activities ¥50,000 - ¥100,000
National Health Insurance ¥10,000 - ¥12,000
Miscellaneous ¥70,000 - ¥100,000