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Field Trip

Field Trip

In addition to trips to the countryside coordinated by the International Center, GSC provides exchange students with unique field trips to popular destinations such as Asakusa, Hakone, and Yokohama where students have the opportunity to experience both traditional and contemporary Japanese culture. These events give students the chance to become familiar with Japan’s vibrant cultural heritage while building lasting connection with peers. Our program also includes company visits, giving students the rare chance to go behind the scenes at innovative businesses.

All students can take part in these field trips. They can see, feel and experience Japanese cultural heritage, the way of life and esthetics. The AGU network offers students unique opportunities to immerse themselves in Japan, in ways that are completely different from regular tourist visits, and to capitalize on what they learn in classes.

*Please note that the destinations mentioned above and the duration of field trips and excursions will differ each semester depending on the coursework, lecturer availability and local conditions.

Field Trip


Several orientations are scheduled either before or during the first week of each semester to provide information on such things as course registration, life in Japan and facilities on campus. Most of the students will come to Japan for the first time, so all the staffs on our campus are ready to support you and answer your questions during these sessions.

One of the unique orientation programs is a visit to the Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center. At this center, students can learn about the natural disasters happening in Japan such as earthquakes through hands-on activities. This program is not only fun and interactive, but also gives students tips on how to protect themselves against those disasters.

Coffee Meeting

These meetings are for international students, AGU students and tutors to socialize together, with games and events. They usually take place two or three times in a semester at the Sagamihara Campus. Don’t miss out on these fun events!

Chat Room

Chat Room is a place to “chat” with a small group of AGU students, staff and residents in English about your culture and Japan’s. Chat Room also provides exchange students an opportunity to work on campus as “Chat Leader” (who will host the chat session in English). There is also “Japanese Chat Session” designed for those who want to improve their Japanese conversation skills.